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Since 1993

Village history: a personal view.

When Arthur Vines, the village milkman, came round to be paid on Fridays, supper was always late. He was a born raconteur and painted a vivid picture of life in West Haddon  and the local area in the years before we moved here.

It was thanks to his inspiration that I crawled out from under the childcare and housewifery of the 1970s and dusted off my training in archives and began to dig into the history of the village I now call my home.

I've transcribed a lot of source material over the best part of 40 years. I may not have been totally accurate.

I've drawn lots of conclusions from the evidence. Some, like the location of the old Red Lion, I've got spectacularly wrong.

Don't trust me. Go back to the original sources. But this is my own personal view of the development of West Haddon and the people who have lived here.

Arthur Vines, the village milkman in the 1980s

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